Ward enlisted in the Silver Knights at the age of 15 to earn some money to help support his parents. After months of training his skills with a Lance were noticed by the higher ranked soldiers. When his parents were murdered Griegen Houls, a Captain in the Silver Knights, took him in. With his parents dead Ward focused on his training to protect those who could not protect themselves, with additional training from Griegen.

Ward has a great deal of respect for Griegen after all he has done for him, seeing him as a role model and father figure. Following years of combat and rising through the ranks of the knights Ward earned the title of Captain.

While on a routine patrol Ward received a letter from a mysterious man named Gradeus. The letter urged him to travel to Sarus and seek out the other adventurers he had contacted. During the wedding of Mick and Gard, Gradeus approached Ward once more, telling him of trouble in the capital that should be investigated immediately.

Ward and his companions then set off for the capital. This brought them to Outtum where they discovered the entire town being controlled by the cult of Gyur. The cult intended to use a ritual to summon Gyur in an attempt to gain power. Investigating this found the Vicount, Phyn Soreé, to be a member of this cult. Apprehending Phyn lead to the discovery of the head of the cult, Brein, whom the party immediately set out to find and capture. With Brein and Phyn in custody and the ritual foiled Ward and his companions set forth for the capital to bring these to justice and investigate the warning given by Gradeus.