In each major town and village, there is at least one member of the community who will act as a leader and a voice for the residents when a Meeting of Ministers is called. By virtue of the Ruling Persons Act (as amended of the King’s Rule Act 4873), a person may be made a Ruling Person by inhertance, elected by residents, or chosen by the King.

The respected Rulers of each major inhabitance in Talahm are listen as follows:

Ulytares: Ghraim Arain

Shoreen: Illian Malus

Ralford Town: Baron Penston Dander

Rane: Harvy Qarth

Farum: Onette Den

Breveaux Bay: Wellen Gnor

Harvend Village: Dantes Anedé

Derleth: Dean Sarrel Ratholum

Ise: Countess Lapita Hart

Outtum: Phyn Soreé

Nilbud: Venner Ecker

Sarus: Gard Sarac

Stone Shore's Coast: N/A