Religion Edit

Talahm's main religion revolves around the worship of Raz Gaoth. As Raz Gaoth's appearance was not made clear, any depiction of the God are one's own representation. Commonly, Raz Gaoth is depicted as a long haired, androgynous human, standing taller than an average Human.

Raz Gaoth is the God of Judgement and Punishment, as reference to the Holy Scriptures. It is believed that you as a person shall be judged by Raz Gaoth and punished or rewarded accordingly. Law abiding, God fearing citizens are expected to be treated to prosperity and good luck, while those deemed guilty in the eyes of the Lord are to be stuck down in a manner most fitting.

Holy Scriptures Edit

As the scriptures tell, there was a time when Raz Gaoth walked among us lowly beings. Raz Gaoth would walk the dark, barren wastes. Growing bored of the dark he made have the world light. The wastes proving dull he created life, and with it flora, fauna, and man. It was then man, who we name The Forebearers, made tools, civilization, and agriculture. With tools came weapons, and with weapons came pain. The Forebearers, encountering this new feeling of anguish, resorted to blaming that who gave them this feeling, that who created them, and in turn, it. 

With weapons and war, The Forebearers stuck down Raz Gaoth, but he did not die. His physical form was merely destroyed, though he lived on within his own domain. Soon, the crops bagan to wither, the livestock were stricken with sickness, and rivers dried. The Forebearers felt a great sadness and deep shame for their actions. They decided to build structures and statues dedicated to Raz Gaoth, praying for forgiveness, praying for punishment.

Raz Gaoth responded to these prayers, but only long after The Forebearers had been deceased and only thier children remain. To these children, Raz Gaoth gave luscious greenery and fertile lands, healthy livestock, and rivers overflowing with fish. The guilty had been judged and punished, and the innocent were rewarded greatly.

Previous IterationsEdit

Prior to the separation of Talahm from Achreiosh, the scriptures originally wrote of Raz Gaoth creating not only man, but Elves, Dwarves, Orc and more. From the fauna came the beast races, from the flora came the Elves, and from the earth came the Dwarves and Gnomes. However, all references to these notions have been erased from the current scriptures.