King Ghraim Arain, of the Arain Family, is the current Monarchy of Talahm. At the age of 52 he has wed no woman and given no heirs, often called the "Last of Kings" due to this. When choosing his Royal Adviser he had relied on the services of his longt time friend and mentor Dorleac Eren. This was assumed due to Dorleac's long time involvment in his father's service and that his experience would not go unnoticed.

Ghraim Arain sits the Royal Court, as any king of Talahm is obliged to do so. Though no Meeting of Ministers has occured in his time ruling, it is a reasonable expectation that he would show to cast his vote.

In his 31 Years of King he has not acted in a way to turn the public against him, though he has still yet to gain their uptmost admirtation.