A YearEdit

The world that Vauren inhabits has an orbital period of 300 days, divided unequally into 8 months. 4 of the months are comprised of 65 days, and are considered to be the major months. While the otehr 4 months are simlpy transition periods that last merely 10 days each.


Blume is a major month and the begining of the calendar year spanning 65 days. The temperature ranges from 4°C to 13°C. Weather shifts from sunny to light rain. Relevant to its name, flower trees begin to bloom and fields become littered with colouful plants and thick green grass. Though the sun may be shining, showers tend to happen at any point in time.


Risinthalin is the transition period between Blume and Haeth lasting 10 days. Temperatures begin to rise to 7°C to 16°C. Rain is less frequent and sunny days become more previlent.


Heath is a major month spanning 65 days. Temperatres are between 15°C to 22°C. Sunny weather is throughout the month with rain and overcast being rare. At the hottest month of the year, beaches and riversides become more popular among the residents of Talahm, sea tempetures stay in a tepid state and are perfect for swimming.


Faunter is a transition period between Haeth and Oreust spanning 10 days. Temperatures begin to drop rapidly to 3°C to 11°C with less sun and common overcast.


Oreust is a major month spanning 65 days. Temperature are between 2°C to 9°C with frequent overcast and common rainstorms. Tree leaves begin to turn orange and fauna wither in prepreation for the coldfront in the coming months.


Cullopix is the transition period between Oreust and Sallow spanning 10 days. Temperatures drop below to -2°C and 5°C with hail and sleet occationally.


Sallow is a mojor month spanning 65 days. Temperatures are the lowest of the year between -6°C to 2°C with snowfall occuring commonly. Snow blankets the majority of Talahm and mountain tops become near inaccesable. Small pond and lakes tend to freeze over and rivers form icy formations though still flow.


Gerrous is the transition period between Sallow and Blume lasting 10 days, it is also the final month of the calendar year. Tempetures blend into the Blume climate at an average of 7°C with less snowfall but still the occasional sleet.